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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I order a family illustration, even if I don't have an exact family picture I want done?"
    Yes! That is definitely possible. No worries. If you don't have a specific family pic you want done, I can create one from multiple images! You just send me pics of each person (or pet)-even if there are other people/subjects in the pic. These pictures allow me to capture the details that make up each person (like their head shape, their hair color, body shape, height in comparison to each other...etc), which is SUPER helpful to me!
  • How long does an illustration order take?
    This really depends on how full my design queue is (meaning: sometimes I am booked out a week or two until your start date). But start to finish, my average order time right now is 7-10 business days (sometimes slightly longer with 7+ subjects). It definitely can go faster though with quick responses! And I for sure let you know ahead of time how long that will be.
  • Can I license your art?
    100% yes! I'd be estatic if you did! Go here for all lisencing inquiries.
  • Where do you sell your fabric?
    My textile designs are sold on multiple print on demand (POD) sites! You can find the list to those here!

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